"FH What Was I Thankin" 2004 APHA Grullo Tobiano


"FH What Was I Thankin", aka 'Joey ' is a very gentle stallion with lots of athletic ability. He is so easy to handle, that he has become the "family horse" when all our young nieces and nephews come out to visit, Joey is the horse that everyone rides. He has a superior temperament, solid conformation, and a good proven pedigree.

 There are very few quality Grullo Tobiano stallions out there and after over 10 years of raising grullo paints we believe Joey is one of the best.

   Joey was seriously injured when he was young after we imported him to Canada from Wisconsin, USA. It took years to get him riding sound, so his riding career started late at the age of 5. By that time he was too old for show futurities so he was put to work as a ranch horse, and this is why he was not shown.

  Joey has proven himself to be a very reliable mount. His attitude under saddle is exceptional, he will work all day long. Yet he is still quiet enough for kids to ride. Joey is a finished barrel horse as well. He has been there done that! Joey has been in parades, grand entry, extreme cowboy challenges, lots of gymkhana, cattle sorting, roped off of. There isn't much he hasn't done, he is so willing to try anything we put him in.

  We are so pleased with Joey's foals, he seems to be able to cross on just about any type of mare, stamping that consistent "Joey Look" on his foals. We have kept his breeding limited to a small number of quality mares, which has resulted in some excellent foals. His foals are very easy to train, almost every riding age foal has been broke to ride and most of his foals have been shown successfully. When we have foals available they tend to sell fast, and they go to homes all over Canada, the USA and as far as Germany.

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Joey has a proven pedigree, his sire, "Summer Silver Bar" has ROMs in Dicipline Rail, Halter & Reining! His pedigree also goes back to "A Summer Breeze", & "Leo San Man", so he has some good foundation lines too.

 ♦Imported from Wisconsin, USA

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Joey at work DECEMBER 19th 2016 >> VIDEO

Joey Gymkhana 2017 clips >> VIDEO

2018 Stud Fee $600.oo Canadian  $100.oo Booking Fee

Live Color Foal Guarantee! 

Homozygous Black! ♦ Homozygous Tobiano! EEaaDdTT


^^ Joey pictured with two of his offspring gymkhana 2017 ^^

Coat Color Calculator


This is a very handy tool, if your thinking of breeding to our stallion and want to have an idea of what color your going to get out of your mare.

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*SOLD* "WAR Strait Titanium" 2012 APHA Grullo Tobiano




His new home>> Powerpride Ranch


All you can really say is WOW! This is a gorgeous colt. 'Titan' is a silver-blue shade of grullo, similar to his dam. This boy is sure to make a nice stud prospect, and will turn heads in the show ring. He has excellent conformation, with a big hip, wide chest, lots of leg under him and good muscling to perform those catty moves. Titan is more than we could have asked for, the perfect combination of our best mare and stud.

* If your looking for a reining pedigree, check this fella out! Both of his grandsires have ROM's in Reining!

Titan is well bred with "Strait From Texas" & "Pepsi Poco" ON HIS PAPERS!! Also goes back to "A Summer Breeze"! 

Sept, 11, 2012:

Titan's tests have come back, and just when we thought this boy couldn't get any better he just did! He is the ONLY "TRIPLE HOMOZYGOUS" TRUE "GRULLO TOBIANO STALLION" IN CANADA!! He is also NN for all 5 genetic dissorders!! WOW!!

♦ Titan is NRHA nominated !!

♦ Homozygous Black! Homozygous Tobiano! Homozygous Dun!


We will not be standing Titanium to the public until after his training is completed.

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