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  White Acres Ranch is located in northern Alberta, Canada. We breed & raise quality performance bred Paint Horses.

  " We are focused on producing the best APHA/AQHA performance prospects we can, with solid pedigrees, ideal conformation, natural ability, and in that hard to find Grullo color. "

  All of our horses are part of the family; they are used for everything from gymkhanas, parades, to ranch work. We have carefully selected our mares to compliment our stallion. Our mares are well handled and most have been ridden to ensure they have the kind of temperament we like passed on to their foals.

 We breed for the whole package; we believe a good minded horse with the body and build to work and perform is more important first, color is just the icing on the cake. All of our breeding stock is "5 Panel Tested" so that we can make informed breeding decisions. We publicly post the test results for our customers to see. Our horses have all been "color tested" as well.

  The time and dedication we put into our horses is well known. Often our foals sell to the USA, all over Canada, and as far as Germany & France. We try our best to keep our customers happy by raising the best quality paint horses we can.

   We have a few foals for sale almost every year, and some good saddle horses when available, if you see something you like or want to know some more info about, drop us a line we’d like to hear what you have to say! Visitors are always welcome.