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2018 Foals


  Why a WAR foal? We have carefully selected our mares to compliment our stallion. These mares are well handled, quiet and have been ridden to ensure they have the right temperament to become a mother. The time and dedication we put into our horses is well known. Often our foals sell to the USA, and as far as Germany, & France. We try our best to keep our customers happy by raising the best quality paint horses we can.

 We 5 panel test ALL of our breeding stock to make informed breeding decisions and publicly post all of the results.

The foals we raise are well handled from birth to ensure they will be easy for their new owners to take over at weaning time. Foals are sold with halter training, and will be used to their hooves being worked with, and will have their first set of shots. All of our horses are regularly de-wormed and have consistent farrier work done, foals included.

 We want you to go home with a healthy, and well rounded foal so you both will have an enjoyable experience.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of our upcoming 2018 foals.

2018 Foal: Tikka X Joey

FH What Was I Thankin X Sheza Tru Poco Olena

We are very excited for this cross! Both Joey and Tikka have wonderful temperaments, they are both
well built and well bred. This foal will be a performance prospect for sure!

Potential foal will be 6 Panel Clear!
Will be Homozygous Tobiano!
50% chance of being Homozygous Black!
Foal can only be either black or grullo 50/50!

2018 Foal: Chyna X Joey (hopefully! But they were only on pasture together...)

FH What Was I Thankin X Hot Chyna

We are expecting this to be a very nice cross. Both Joey and Chyna have had lots of miles under saddle. Chyna is a solid built mare who compliments Joey nicely, and of course they both have nice minds
. This foal will be a ranch prospect deluxe!

Potential foal will be 6 Panel Clear!
Will be Tobiano!
50% chance of being Homozygous Black!
Foal has a 25% chance of being either Grullo, Black, Dun, or Bay.